Cue Sheets
Routines from our favorite workshops:

Potomac Double Down        Harvest Stomp
PDD 2004                                HS 2004
PDD 2005                                HS 2005
PDD 2006                                HS 2006
PDD 2007                                HS 2007
PDD 2008                                HS 2008
PDD 2009                                HS 2009
PDD 2011                               
PDD 2012
PDD 2013

Appalachian Stomp
AS 2010
AS 2014
AS 2015
AS 2016
AS 2017

Cue Sheets

All In This Together (W)

All You Really Need Is Love

All Star (W)

Banjo Fantasy (W)

Basic Instructions (BLE) (W)

Best Years of Our Lives

Better Life (W)

Big World (W)

Bit by Bit (W)

Black Moutain Blues (W)

Blue Ridge mountain Christmas (W)

Blink of an Eye

Box (W)

Breakaway (W)

Bristol Stomp (W)

Car Wash (W)

Concert of the Age (W)

Cotton-Eyed Joe

Country Is As Country Does (W)

Cowboy's Sweetheart (W)

Cut the Cake (Birthday Song)

DarlinBoys.pdf (W)

Down at the Twist and Shout (W)

Feels Like Love

Floorfiller (W)

Get Ready For This

Good Girl (W)

Grandma's Feather Bed (W)

Great Defenders (W)

Halfway Around the World (W)

Hard to be Cool in a Minivan (W)

Head Over High Heels

High Horse (W)

I Hope You Dance

I Need A Vacation (W)

I Wanna Talk About Me (W)

Ida Red (W)

I’m Ready To Go (W)

In the Belly of the Whale

International Harvester (W)

Jump (W)

Lawnmower (W)

Let It Out (W)

Like A Good Cowboy

Look At Me Now (W)

Lord I Want to Thank You (W)

Mama Mia (W)

Marry Me (W)

Mmm Bop

Mockingbird (W)

Monroe Dancin (W)

Move Your Feet (W)

Mr. Mom (W)

Must Be Love (W)

Never Alone (W)

Old Time Rock And Roll

Overcomer (W)

Proud Mary

Red White & Bluegrass (W)

Rescue Me (W)

Rock Around the Clock

Rocky Top (W)

Sadie Hawkins Dance (W)

Seven Days A Week (W)

Shackles Workshop (W)


Somebody Like You

Space Cowboy (W)

Stuck Like Glue (W)

Ten Percent (W)

Texas Cookin'(W)

That’s How Country Boys Roll (W)

Think! (W)

Thump Factor (W)

Toe Stubber (W)

Travelin Prayer (W)

Turkish Delight (W)

Up! (W)

Walk On (W)

Walkin’ the Country (W)

Walkin Thru the Fire (W)

Walking Shoes

Watermelon Crawl

Who Wouldn't Want to Be Me (W)

Why Don’t We Just Dance (W)

Wild Rose of the Mountain

Wildflower (W)

William Tell Overture (W)

Women Rule the World (W)



(W) indicates a workshop routine.



Beginning Steps

Scotty Bilz’s Cue Sheets

Jeff Drigg’s Cue Sheets

Josh King’s Cue Sheets

National Dance List

Naomi Pyle’s Cue Sheets

Orlando Cloggers’ Cue Sheets

Cue Sheets

BRTC is committed to preserving and promoting the art of clogging.  In order to document dance routines and make it possible for dancers to learn a routine, we create cue sheets that list the steps, sequencing, footwork and timing.
Because we are a performance group.  Our performance cue sheets are not available on the web.  Our fun dance cue sheets are available, and we have provided a link to a national database of cue sheets as well.  Enjoy!
© Copyrights
All original BRTC performance dances are copyrighted.  In order to maintain a high quality, unique performance repertoire, these dances are not to be taught outside our group.  The cue sheets are not to be copied.  The teaching videos of these routines are also copyrighted and may not be reproduced or shared for any reason.
As a matter of fact, all of the routines choreographed by Mary Smith/Joyce Guthrie have been copyrighted.  If you would like to perform one of their non-performance routines at a talent show, school program, etc., please ask them for permission.  They will probably be thrilled to grant it.  Should you decide to choreograph a dance, please express a copyright to protect your own original work.
Workshop routines may be copyrighted by the creator(s) but are fair game to share with others once they have been presented at a workshop and the cue sheets have been published in a syllabus.  (Due credit should always be given to the choreographer if/when a dance is used elsewhere.)
This probably sounds like a lot of hoopla, but choreography, much like a written work or piece of art, belongs to the creator.  Ultimately this hoopla may protect you from following a group on stage that just performed one of our routines without permission.
If you have questions about this, please speak with Joyce or Mary.

What Is Copyright?
Excerpted from the U.S. Copyright page online:
Copyright is a form of protection provided by the laws of the United States (title 17, U. S. Code) to the authors of “original works of authorship,” including literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, and certain other intellectual works.  It is illegal for anyone to violate any of the rights provided by the copyright law to the owner of copyright.